Why Cookies Are a Great Gift At Any Time

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Cookies are something the world can agree on. With the amount of cookie flavors and types that are available in the world, there is something for everything. There can not be anyone in the world that would hate cookies unless they just hate joy and blissful living. You’ve got chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cookies, lemon cookies, MandM cookies, snickerdoodles, the list of cookie flavors could really go on forever. That’s not even to mention gluten free cookies, vegan cookies and sugar free cookies. Now, when it is appropriate to give out cookies? Here are a few times when giving cookies is a great idea.

Welcome Neighbor Gift
Whether you are the new neighbor or someone else is, giving a cookie gift basket is a great way to break the ice. You always want to start off on a good foot with new neighbors. Having a bad relationship with your neighbors can make everyone’s life incredibly difficult. Especially if you live in an apartment or condo where you’re literally in each other’s lives every day you should really invest in giving them cookies. Home made is always best. Store bought is a nice gesture but it kind of says ‘I want to be friends but I don’t really have time for you but you should be nice to me because I brought you cookies. I hope they’re not expired. They were on sale.’ Home made says something more like ‘I went out of my way to make an effort because I’d like to be friends and show you that I will be a nice and agreeable person to live next to.’ Which impression would you prefer to give?

Baby Shower Gift
Everyone always thinks about the baby when going to a baby shower. And rightly so, you are there to celebrate the up coming new life. However, the mother is also someone who needs to be celebrated. The baby isn’t really doing anything, the mom is doing all of the work. She has almost a year of hard work and exhaustion and pain growing the baby, not to mention the labor and delivery and then the real work starts. Cookies is the least that can be done for a mother. Plus, she doesn’t need to be thinking about her weight at that point. If she wants cookies, she should eat cookies. There are more important things in life now. Giving a bag or box or whatever of cookies to an expectant mother shows her that you notice the rough time she is going through and want to help. Just make sure you get the right cookie flavor for her.

Sympathy Gift
Cookies are a great way to empathize with someone. Whether someone goes through something huge like losing a loved one or a smaller issue but still a crisis like losing a job, cookies are a good addition to a card or a nice letter to let the person know that your love and thoughts go out to them. Sometimes, it’s not enough just to send a card, that can be to impersonal. Making cookies from scratch can mean a lot to someone. If they have lost a loved one, chances are they are getting plenty of casserole dishes and store bought desserts. Handmade cookies will be more than welcome.

Mother of the Year Day
A great time to make cookies is when your kids are at school and you just want to do something nice for them. You’d be the best mom in the world if they came home to the sweet smell of cookies baking in the oven, for no other reason but for them to be allowed to devour them. Naturally, you may not want to do this every day for health reasons but once in awhile is a really nice gesture.

There are many other times that would be a great opportunity to hand out cookies. For example as birthday favors, a marketing technique, a ‘just because’ gift and more. There’s really no bad time to send cookies. Plenty of good ones, and really no wrong opportunity so if you feel like sending someone cookies, then go for it. No one’s going to be mad, no matter what cookie flavor you make.

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