What are Micro Greens and Why is Everyone Crazy for Them?

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Micro vegetables

If you know anything about the culinary world, you have probably already heard of the organic micro greens movement. In the last few years, some of the world’s most popular and renown chefs have started adding microgreens to salads, to garnish dishes, or incorporated into baked goods. You can hardly flip through a modern food magazine or watch a cooking show without the subject of microgreens being mentioned. If you want to know more about this huge movement towards eating tiny plants, you’ve come to the right place.

But What are Organic Micro Greens?
Organic micro greens are the sprouts of green plants, such as spinach, kale, herbs, and so on, that are harvested just after the first true leaves begin to grow. While greens are the most common subject of micro cooking, some sprout enthusiasts harvest the any variety of nuts, grains and seeds in this micro stage to use in cooking, for the taste and nutritional value. These organic micro greens not just a garnish for aesthetic value, they are used in a variety of cooking techniques, from salads to stir fries.

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Cooking With Organic Micro Greens?
Just as each differing version of the full grown vegetable has its own set of nutritional benefits, the value of the baby version varies from one plant to the next. However, some benefits are common with most micro greens. Some of these nutritional benefits include:

  • Micro greens are easier on the digestive system and promote nutrient absorption.

    Many times, full-grown vegetables develop anti-nutrients that make it hard for the digestive system to fully absorb the vitamins and minerals within the plant. In fact, some scientists believe this is nature’s way of propagating itself; an animal eats a vegetable, and then digests somewhere else, it in the same shape, allowing it to grow in a new home.

    While great for the natural circle of life, Mother Nature’s defense against the vegetables being broken down and absorbed in the body prevents us from really getting the greatest benefit from them. This is particularly true with people who have autoimmune or digestive issues. By consuming the greens before before they have fully matured and developed anti-nutrients, our bodies are able to process and utilize more of the nutrition of it.
  • Micro greens have a greater presence of beneficial enzymes.

    Some nutritionist suggest that the presence of beneficial enzymes in micro greens is as much as 100 times greater than they’re full-grown counterparts. Young sprouts grow very quickly — much faster than the mature plant grows. This is because they are rich enzymes to promote their own growth. When we incorporate micro greens into our diet, those enzymes also benefit us; enzyme-rich food work as a catalyst in our bodies, in the development of new, healthy cells that promote healing and increased energy.

  • Micro greens hold concentrated vitamins and minerals.

    Some studies have found that the concentration of anti-oxidants, vitamin B’s and vitamin C is it to 10 times greater in a sprout then it is in its full growing vegetable. By eating micro greens, we are sharply increasing our intake of these vitamins and minerals. Additionally, the presence of beneficial amino acids in micro greens is far greater than their full grown counterparts, which is very good for our health.
  • Micro greens have a more diverse nutritional value.

    Not only does every plant have its own set of nutritional benefits, every part of every plant has its own benefits. For example, the stalk a broccoli contain sulforaphane, a compound that has been linked to reducing the risk of cancer. While it is unlikely that you would consume every single portion of a vegetable to get all of the nutritional benefits of every section of it, when you can consume the sprout of the vegetable you are essentially doing just that. Eating micro introduces nutrients that you wouldn’t eat otherwise into your diet.

To Sum it All Up…

Micro greens are tiny plants that are quickly making a big name for themselves. Not only do they contribute to the beauty of a dish, they pack a big flavor punch, and — most importantly — they are great for our health.

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