Planning a Memorable Wedding Reception with Wedding Catering Stamford Companies

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A surprising 42 percent of newlywed couples prefer to offer a sit down meal at their wedding reception. This is followed closely by 41 percent of couples who wish to offer a buffet. Regardless of what choice you are thinking of for your wedding reception, the fact of the matter is that food plays a major part during a wedding reception.

The tradition of hosting a reception after a wedding is one that dates back hundreds of years and is seen across different cultures. These wedding receptions are seen as an opportunity for friends and family members to gather and honor the newlywed couple, while also providing a unique opportunity for the newlywed couple to highlight their unique cultural background.

A wedding catering Stamford company can help newlywed couples plan what type of food, snacks, and beverages are served at their wedding reception. Whether you wish to have a wedding breakfast with spit roasted wild boar like in France, or you want to have a wedding feast with roast camel, fish, eggs, chicken and sheep like in Bedouin, a wedding catering Stamford company can help.

The wedding catering Stamford company will help newlywed couples come up with a wedding reception menu that perfectly fits the needs of the newlywed couple. The catering cambridge or Stamford company will help newlyweds decide what type of food is served, how it is served, and what desserts or beverage options are offered. Wedding catering Stamford companies can even help newlywed couples plan to have enough food so wedding guests can take home leftovers, as the Chinese tradition states.

If there is a desire to have a unique wedding reception with nontraditional meal options, the caterers stamford can help newlywed couples come up with an idea that fits their wedding reception needs. Nontraditional ideas that wedding catering Stamford companies have come up with include offering a lunch reception as opposed to a dinner reception, wine tastings, and even dessert tastings. All of these are fun and exciting, and with the proper planning with the help of wedding catering Stamford companies can be memorable and enjoyable for all wedding guests.
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