Here’s How You Can Tell the Good Sushi Restaurants Apart from the Bad Ones

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Sushi palm beach gardens

Every town in the U.S. has an eclectic mix of restaurants, and you likely find yourself choosing between two or three restaurants at least once a week. Unfortunately, the restaurant ratings systems online aren’t usually accurate, so you’ll need to do some first-hand investigative reporting to find unique restaurants in your area.

When it comes to good sushi restaurants, there are certain qualities that set one establishment apart from the rest. While good sushi restaurants will help a beginner pick out a delicious option, others will rush you through your order and make you feel unwelcome.

The best sushi restaurants tend to follow a general formula, and you should know what to look for immediately upon entering a sushi bar. By doing so, you’ll avoid the dreaded “where do you want to go eat tonight?” argument. Here are three of the most important qualities to look for in good sushi restaurants:

  • Healthy options. Above all else, your criteria for good sushi restaurants should include fresh seafood that will not ruin your diet. For example, there are some pseudo-sushi bars that mainly serve fried items, which you’ll want to avoid on a diet. If you’re a fan of healthier options, good sushi restaurants typical offer things like tuna rolls (184 calories) and California rolls (255 calories).
  • Creativity. While tuna rolls and California rolls are healthy and delicious, you may crave a bit more variety in your sushi experience. Good sushi restaurants will “spice things up” every now and then, both figuratively and literally. Although most sushi in the U.S. is wrapped in nori, some restaurants wrap their sushi in soy paper, cucumber, or even egg.
  • Friendly service. Eating sushi is a new experience for a lot of people, and you may be dining with some friends who have never even sampled this Asian cuisine. While you can certainly guide them through the ordering process, the staff should be more than willing to assist as well. If the staff seems like they just want you to leave, you are eating at the wrong local sushi restaurants.

Eat at good sushi restaurants is one of the best dining experiences in the world, but you need to know how to spot the good ones from the bad ones. Check out sushi restaurants in your area and make sure they meet all three of these important criteria.

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