Filtered Water Coolers

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Filtered water coolers

The new kinds of bottleless water coolers that you see people using these days are a lot better than the water cooler systems that use bottles. The main reason why they are better is because a bottleless water cooler doesn’t allow bacteria to get into the water and contaminate it. These units are a far cry from the old system they used to use for cooling water, which was large blocks of ices. Talk about being a pain to keep water cold and just think about how much maintenance this type of water cooler would take. Filtered water coolers are so much nicer to use. You’ll enjoy the fact that filtered water coolers are much cheaper to use too. In fact, people can save up to 80 percent of the cost of using bottled water as an option and you don’t have to lug in large cases of bottled water when you use filtered water coolers.

Bottleless water coolers are the things to use and a filtered bottleless water dispenser is even better. If you have never tried using filtered water coolers, now is the time to try one of those new point of use water cooler systems. You’ll be able to filter out 90 percent of inorganic chemicals like fluoride, iron, copper, lead, nitrate, sulfate, mercury, arsenic, silver, zinc and cadmium when filtered water systems are used. Just think, people can remain healthy as they gather around the water cooler to discuss things and gossip about other employees when the company they work for uses filtered water coolers.

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