Cooking steaks on the stove still leads to delicious results

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Cooking steak on the stove

If there is one thing I enjoy more than most edible things in this world, it is a good steak. Give me a nice rare, properly seasoned steak with a baked potato and some corn, and I am one happy fella. I can eat steaks all the time, at all times of the year. But there is one slight problem, for in the summertime I can cook steak out on the grill, but during winter it is far too cold out to stand outside much less grill. That is why I learned the ancient art of cooking steaks on the stove, and now I can enjoy steaks at anytime, day or night, warm or cold.

When cooking steaks on the stove, there are certainly some differences between it and cooking on the grill, but there are many similarities as well. For one thing, cooking steak on the stove, just as with a grill, requires heat. Now the heat does come from a different source, but that is not really the big difference here. The difference is in what the steak is sitting on. When you cook steak on stove you usually have the steak in some sort of pan or skillet, whereas on a grill, the steak sits on a grate above the flame. So an obvious difference is that cooking steaks on the stove will not yield that grate mark burned into the meat. But that difference is only aesthetic, and the important distinctions come in the form of taste.

When you are cooking steaks on the stove, there are a couple steak cooking tips that can help you out. First, do not use too much heat. Depending the type of pan you are using (I prefer a cast iron pan myself) make sure the heat is not turned up too high. If it is, then if will be well done faster then you can get up off the couch to check it. Second, seasoning is key. I do not know about you, but there is not a steak sauce around that can compare to a properly administered dry rub. Before you start cooking steaks on the stove, pat that juicy piece of meat down with all the seasonings you want. Get some mesquite flavor on there if you want a real treat. If you want more cooking steak tips, then search online for them, and get eating.

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