Make Your Food Pop Adding Micro Greens and Edible Flowers

Written by Cooking Steak. Posted in Microgreen, True leaf microgreens, Uses for crystallized rose petals

Organicmicro greens recipes

Food is more than just sustenance these days. Food is fun. Food is excitement. Food is… branding? For some is certainly is, with many Americans going on to social media to share their food experiences. In fact, more than 3000,000 photos have been uploaded to the Flickr group, “I Ate This”, one of the most active group on the site with more than 19,000 members and growing. So how can you make your daily plate or dinner party opus more exciting?

Even a humble salad can sparkle with the right ingredients that offer color and variety and of course taste. Organic micro greens and edible flowers make wonderful additions to salads, for example. There are many micro green varieties av