Restaurant Food Safety Is Vital For Customer Safety

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Food handling course

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that about one out of every six Americans comes down with a foodborne illness every year. Despite popular belief, microwaving food does not get rid of bacteria. Make sure that you look for a food and hygiene course if you want to have the necessary education in food and sanitation to help your company handle its food products properly no matter what sort of dishes you provide. With the right sort of food handling course you can have the knowledge you need about handling food to get the necessary food safety certification so that your establishment is approved to serve food.

Restaurant food safety is vital because it prevents diseases such as Salmonellosis, a disease caused by Salmonella that is estimated to cost about $2.65 billion every year. Similarly, the USDA estimates that the cost of illness caused by Campylobacter, a frequent catalyst for diarrhea, is about $1.2 billion every year. Make sure that you have the restaurant food safety knowledge necessary to prevent these diseases from becoming a problem at your place of business.

According to estimates from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are about 76 million cases of foodborne illnesses annually in the United States. Be sure that you find the necessary training on restaurant food safety so that you can protect your patrons from these diseases. Food safety will make your business more successful and improve your perspective in the eyes of your customers.
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Earning A Food Handling Certificate Opens Career Doors

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Food safety certification

The Centers for Disease Control reported in 2011 that eight pathogens account for most illnesses, hospitalizations and even deaths. Restaurant health inspections occur at least twice per year and sometimes four times in a year without announcement to address this issue. Food safety certification programs benefit restaurants in terms of managing food quality. Tips such as keeping meat products on the lowest shelf to protect against the contamination of other food due to fluids from the meat are included with a food handling certificate education program. You will also learn that perishable food should be refrigerated since this slows the growth of bacteria.

Finding a local food and hygiene course or food handling course can benefit your restaurant. You may also want to consider options for earning a food handlers permit online. Upon earning a food protection certificate or some form of food safety certification, you will be eligible to work in a professional kitchen. Without a food handling certificate of some kind, you will probably not be hired by a restaurant or commercial kitchen.

The cost of earning your food handling certificate is easy to manage their online courses. If you prefer to learn on site with an instructor present, a local class can help you earn your certificate. If you operate a professional kitchen, you may want to consider setting up regular classes for all of your new hires to the kitchen staff that will help them maintain their certificate.