Learn About Herb Crystals

Written by Cooking Steak. Posted in Candied flowers, Microgreens

Crystallized flowers

Edible flowers have enjoyed a long and illustrious career in the United States. In fact, after the Boston Tea Party, bee balm flower petals were brewed as a tasty substitute for tea. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in these types of microgreens.

Herb crystals allow you to add a great deal of subtle yet delicious flavor to a variety of different dishes. Some of the more common varieties of herb crystals include marigold, snapdragon, carnation, nasturtium, pansy, calendula and viola. Basil crystals are also a popular way to flavor dishes.

Crystallized flowers or candied flowers are edible and add a large dollop of class and polish to any dish. They are made by first coating them in a special solution of sugar then dried. This makes them an inspiring addition to cheese plates, desserts or drinks. In fact, this type of sugar flowers, as well as other types of specialty produce, can make even the most special of dinners even more outstanding and special. This makes it the ideal meal addition for anniversaries, birthdays and company dinners in which the objective is to impress the diners.