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Why More And More Customers Are Asking Businesses For More Eco-Friendly Packaging Methods

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Health awareness has only been increasing in the age of the Internet. It’s never been easier to assess health risks as well as health boons at the simple click of a button and, as a result, many businesses have been attempting to overhaul their methods in light of customer frustrations and concerns. Whether it’s assessing the benefits of thermoformed trays or seeking out new packaging machines, how you design your business from the ground up will determine whether or not your brand can stay relevant in these increasingly eco-friendly times.

What Are Common Concerns?

Customers want to be able to trust the businesses they turn to for products and

Three Reasons to Indulge in Chicken for a Meal or Party

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Chicken is one of the most consumed items in restaurants today. It has been shown that out of all the various meats out there, chicken in the number one choice when it comes to patrons in the United States. In 2015 alone, 90.1 pounds of chicken were consumed per capita within the country. Because of this, it is a popular choice everywhere, from fast food to fine dining. Individuals can enjoy it on everything, from salad to pizza.

Chicken Can Spice Up a Salad and Make It Extra Filling

Any salad can be dressed up and given a protein boost simply by adding chicken to it. Many restaurants are able to accommodate individuals, by allowing them to

3 Reasons Pubs and Bars are Not the Same

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When you hear the word pub, do you automatically think bar? Many people don’t know that there is a significant difference between the two. A typical of Friday-night-out consists of having some dinner and heading to the local bar for drinks but we all know what a chore finding food in a metropolitan area like wilmington de can be. You have to go through the whole, ?I don’t care wherever you want to eat is fine with me? routine and that can be frustrating. Wouldn’t it be nice if the bar you go to also had delicious food so you could avoid the ?where do you want to eat? cycle of choosing a restaurant? Well, it does, it’s called a Pub and the food is one of the main differences between bars and pubs.

There are plenty of

How to Eat at Night and Be Healthy

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Does this sound familiar? You work hard all day, then you out at night for work or social functions and by the time you start dinner it is 10:00 pm? Or maybe your job has you getting off late and you do not get to think about eating until late. Maybe after a night on the town, you realize you did not eat dinner, can you get something healthy at midnight? Luckily, the answer is yes. Restaurants that serve fresh chicken kitchen meals can get you something healthy and tasty late at night. Here are some tips that make eating late at night just as healthy as eating earlier in the evening.

Three Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party On The Block

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Everyone remembers who had the best birthday parties around when they were little. No grownup could tell you how much their parents spent on the birthday festivities when they were young. They just remember how much fun it was to have a handful of friends around while everyone had a good time. If you have a child and you want to throw her the best birthday party on the block, here are three tips to help you do just that.

1. Find party rentals that fit with your child’s personality.

If your daughter loves Disney princesses, it probably wouldn’t go over very well if you rented a Star Wars themed party because it was available. When to consider a party rental? Try to plan a little bit in advance so tha

Make Your Food Pop Adding Micro Greens and Edible Flowers

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Food is more than just sustenance these days. Food is fun. Food is excitement. Food is… branding? For some is certainly is, with many Americans going on to social media to share their food experiences. In fact, more than 3000,000 photos have been uploaded to the Flickr group, “I Ate This”, one of the most active group on the site with more than 19,000 members and growing. So how can you make your daily plate or dinner party opus more exciting?

Even a humble salad can sparkle with the right ingredients that offer color and variety and of course taste. Organic micro greens and edible flowers make wonderful additions to salads, for example. There are many micro green varieties av

It’s Best to Use a Caterer for Your Next Event

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When you are hosting an event, whether it’s a personal one such as a wedding or graduation, or a corporate event, you want to make the best impression you can. When it comes to food and drink, you don’t want to fall short or make a mistake. The best way to do that is by working with a corporate catering company.

Professional catering services can run the gamut from snacks to full dinners. You also can have your food prepared onsite or have it prepared elsewhere and then brought to the site of the reception. This works well for places that don’t have commercial kitchens, such as if you are having the event outdoors or at a private home. The less you have in the way of these

What are Micro Greens and Why is Everyone Crazy for Them?

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If you know anything about the culinary world, you have probably already heard of the organic micro greens movement. In the last few years, some of the world’s most popular and renown chefs have started adding microgreens to salads, to garnish dishes, or incorporated into baked goods. You can hardly flip through a modern food magazine or watch a cooking show without the subject of microgreens being mentioned. If you want to know more about this huge movement towards eating tiny plants, you’ve come to the right place.

But What are Organic Micro Greens?
Organic micro greens are the sprouts of green plants, such as spinach, kale, herbs, and so on, that

Why Cookies Are a Great Gift At Any Time

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Cookies are something the world can agree on. With the amount of cookie flavors and types that are available in the world, there is something for everything. There can not be anyone in the world that would hate cookies unless they just hate joy and blissful living. You’ve got chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cookies, lemon cookies, MandM cookies, snickerdoodles, the list of cookie flavors could really go on forever. That’s not even to mention gluten free cookies, vegan cookies and sugar free cookies. Now, when it is appropriate to give out cookies? Here are a few times when giving cookies is a great idea.

Welcome Neighbor Gift

Here’s How You Can Tell the Good Sushi Restaurants Apart from the Bad Ones

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Every town in the U.S. has an eclectic mix of restaurants, and you likely find yourself choosing between two or three restaurants at least once a week. Unfortunately, the restaurant ratings systems online aren’t usually accurate, so you’ll need to do some first-hand investigative reporting to find unique restaurants in your area.

When it comes to good sushi restaurants, there are certain qualities that set one establishment apart from the rest. While good sushi restaurants will help a beginner pick out a delicious option, others will rush you through your order and make you feel unwelcome.

The best sushi restaurants tend to follow a general formula, and you should know what to look for immediately upon entering a sushi bar. By doing so