3 Reasons Pubs and Bars are Not the Same

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Craft beer restaurant

When you hear the word pub, do you automatically think bar? Many people don’t know that there is a significant difference between the two. A typical of Friday-night-out consists of having some dinner and heading to the local bar for drinks but we all know what a chore finding food in a metropolitan area like wilmington de can be. You have to go through the whole, ?I don’t care wherever you want to eat is fine with me? routine and that can be frustrating. Wouldn’t it be nice if the bar you go to also had delicious food so you could avoid the ?where do you want to eat? cycle of choosing a restaurant? Well, it does, it’s called a Pub and the food is one of the main differences between bars and pubs.

There are plenty of bars in wilmington de but you should also check out a good pub, trying out a few different ones would be a great way to find the perfect place for you. Not only do pubs have a more extensive menu selection but there are several differences between the two that may make you want to seek out a pub instead of a bar the next time you go out. Here are a few main examples outlining these differences so you can form your own opinion about which would be better for you:

  1. Craft Beer

    A 2014 study of alcohol drinkers shows that 41% of Americans usually drink beer, followed closely by wine drinkers at 31% and only 23% reported they prefer liquor. Pubs are notorious for having an extensive selection of craft beer and more wine choices than your average bar. While bars have a wide variety of cocktails and the like, their beer and wine selection isn’t as impressive.

  2. Food

    As I mentioned above, pubs have a menu consisting of full meals with options for lunch, dinner, and desert. Some pubs are actually famous for their unique burgers and one thing Americans love other than a good beer is a good burger, on average US consumers eat burgers 4.3 times per month–or over once a week. If you go to a bar your choices are most likely going to be light appetizers like poppers or wings.

  3. Atmosphere

    When you walk into a bar it’s usually very busy with loud music and dancing which is great when your ready for a night of hyped up fun, but pubs have a more laid back atmosphere. It would be a good place to have lunch with co-workers if you need to discuss business or a drink afterward to wind down for the day. Also, you can book an event at a pub that is more family oriented, as opposed to a bar where the usual events consist of things like bachelor parties and 21st birthdays.

Craft beer is a $19.6 billion industry, so if it’s beer you’re looking for a craft beer pub would be superior to a bar in this respect. Even though there are significant differences between the two one is not necessarily better than the other, it all depends on what you’re looking for. So you have to ask yourself. Do you want to have a good night out with good conversation and good friends, without the restaurant searching hassle? Or are you ready to let loose and get down bar hopping style?

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