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How Can You Make an Indoor Steak Taste as Good as a Grilled Steak? Three Tips

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How to cook steak tips

Did you know that when Upton Sinclair wrote his 1906 masterpiece the Jungle, steak prices fell by 95% for about three years? Luckily , that book represents a turning point in regulations regarding the preparation and sale of meat, so today, the food you get is safe for consumption, so long as you cook it. Did you buy a steak, but have no idea what to do with it this time? If you are looking for steak cooking tips, we have a few recommendations for you here.

1. Cooking Steak on the Stove

Did you know that just this past week, McDonalds has announced they will be offering steak on their breakfast menu? It’s possible they’ll be cooking steak on the stove. What you need to know about this technique is that you should never begin with a cold steak. You want to take it out of the re