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Cook Steak on Your Stove Top for a Treat When Grill Season Is Over

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Cook steak tips

There are plenty of great chefs, cooks, and internet resources to pull from if you want to go about cooking steaks on the stove in a way that is going to guarantee success. Personally, I am a great fan of Alton Brown, and were I to ever to rely on instructions for how to cook steak on stove top vs. the grill, I would follow his instructions to the letter. However, not everyone appreciates the scientific breakdown that Alton Brown gives when he explains how to cook something. Some people would rather just have some simple steak cooking tips.

So here they are. Rounded up from various experts and professional chefs, you can take any of these cooking steak tips and run with them depending upon the kind of steak that you have, the equipment in your kitchen, and what sounds most delicious to you.

1. Treatment